Thursday, August 27, 2015

{Everyday Life} August 2015

August has been nothing short of a whirlwind of hiking, mountain running, organizing, race sign-ups, and trip planning. All great things, just busy as every. Heinz and I have big trips coming up next month and to top if off we are headed to Portland, OR to celebrate my best friends wedding. This summer couldn't get any better and I can't wait to share more details about our upcoming adventure's. 

Hiking with my favorite partner - On the top of Mt. Wolverine.

Rainy, trail run at the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT.

Trail running (Riking) at the Bird.

You guys it finally happened! After 20 months of growing his hair out, Heinz chopped it off and was able to donate over 8 inches.
What a babe!

Anniversary Hike - Up to Hidden Peak and over to Mt. Baldy and down around through Mineral Basin and through the Peruvian Tunnel with a very cold ride down on the Peruvian Express chairlift. 4 years and counting...

My next adventure.

 Red morning sun on the Wasatch Crest Trail.

 Yellow flower's in the smoky haze on the Wasatch Crest Trail. I finally broke 20 miles on this mountain run. Really stoked!

Shot by Heinz
Heinz running into a Bull Moose near Lake Blanch.

A challenging run/hike (rike) up to Hidden Peak, back down the mountain, and then back up to Hidden Peak again. Over 9,000 ft. of elevation gain/loss over 10 miles. Steep! 

Happy Trekkin'!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{Hiking Utah} Wolverine Cirque Loop

Piggy backing on top of Mt. Wolverine.

Do you ever have those days where you just feel so lucky to be in that moment and place in time? I do all the time. I feel like I'm seeing Utah with fresh eye's. It's awesome!

Last week Heinz and I were able to do a favorite loop hike of ours, which I have decided to call it the Wolverine Cirque Loop. We started from Albion Basin, Utah, hiked up to Catherine's Pass, continued up the north ridge towards Mt. Tuscarora and Mt. Wolverine, then skirted the Wolverine Cirque down to Grizzly Gulch and looped back down to the Albion Basin summer road. A great hike that doesn't take much time at all and it's simply gorgeous. I love hikes like these that are just plain FUN! Heinz and I were being especially silly on top of Mt. Wolverine. What a blast!

Shot by Heinz
On top of Mt. Wolverine

Shot by Heinz
Shot by Heinz

Shot by Heinz

Happy Trekkin'!

Friday, August 7, 2015

{Hiking Utah} Bullion Divide

Oh man, oh man, I've been waiting to post about this adventure and now that I have a second at the computer I can. Hooray!

The Bullion Divide is a fantastic and challenging ridge traverse hike that takes you over 8 peaks along the Wasatch mountain range. Heinz and I were so excited to do this hike as it has been on our "hiking to do" list for so long and we were finally able to nail it down.

We woke up super early last Thursday (7/30) so we could be up at Alta and hiking by about 3:30 in the morning from Albion Basin. With our headlamps burning brightly in the clear, full-moon sky, we made out way up to Sugar Loaf Pass and from there we headed up to Sugar Loaf Peak (peak #1). After taking about 20 seconds to try to take a photo (fail) we hurried back down from the peak and made our way over to Mount Baldy (#2). From Mt. Baldy we scurried over to Hidden Peak (#3) (the top of Snowbird) and soaked in the sun that was faintly peering over the distant mountains.

Peaks #4 and #5 were the American Fork East and West Twins, which were a breeze after scrambling on the knife ridge from Hidden Peak. From the AF West Twin Peak we made our way over to Red Top (#6) without incident. After descending Red Top and close to 5 hours of hiking we took a short break on the pass overlooking into White Pine Lake. With two more peaks to go we knew we would have to problems completing our goal.

After fueling up and resting our feet we climbed on to tackle our next peak which was Red Baldy (#7). At this point we were making pretty good time but that came to a crawl as the jagged cliffs gave us more technical challenges that took us more time to maneuver through. With slow and deliberate climbing moves we made our way past Red Baldy and onto White Baldy. White Baldy (#8) was by far the slowest going of all the peaks. With some creative climbing moves, we made our way to the top of the peak without any detours or close calls. It was a great challenge that put some of our skills to the test. After summiting our last peak, we made our way down to Red Pine Lake and took the trail back down to the White Pine trail head. This is definitely a two car endeavor but well worth it. 

At the end of the day we summited 8 peaks in just under 9 hours, and about 10.7 miles. It was a great day of adventuring for the Grunendahl's.

Silhouette blur - Just after summiting Sugar Loaf Peak, looking over towards Hidden Peak.

Atop Mt. Baldy

 From Hidden Peak heading onto the knife ridge that leads to the AF Twins.

Approaching the AF East Twin.

 Sunrise on top of the East Twin.

 Atop the AF West Twin.

 On top of Red Top

 Heinz descending Red Top.

 Climbing up Red Baldy.

We were lucky enough to see a few mountain goats.
Shot by Heinz
Atop Red Baldy

Looking down at White Pine Lake.

 The ridge over to White Baldy.

 Atop White Baldy

 Descending from the ridge and down to Red Pine Lake.
Red Pine Lake

Happy Trekkin'!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

{Geneva, Switzerland} Our Last Day

Shot by Heinz

We ended our Switzerland/France trip back in Geneva for a more in-depth glance at the city. We stayed our last night in the comforts of a small hotel in the heart of the city and had an amazing dinner with local food and music to end our trip adventures.

What an awesome time we had checking out this beautiful country. Looking back on everything that we saw and did, Heinz and I both feel so blessed to have experienced these things. We hope to one day be back in the Swiss and French Alps doing what we do best.

Our last dinner at Hotel Edelweiss. Amazing food and great entertainment.

Shot by Heinz

And that's a very long winded re-cap of our trip. A big THANK YOU to anyone reading and following along. I know I took forever to get through that trip but it's hard to shave things down when there are so many fun memories to share.

Until the next adventure...

Happy Trekkin'!