Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{Everyday Life} March 2015

Whether you know me well or not, you probably know or have guessed how much I love shooting photo's and my absolute passion for photography. With that being said, I have a bunch of picture's that I take at random that don't really fit with my general hiking, adventure, and travel theme of this blog. They are really just moments in my day to day life that I capture and I figured that I would share them.

Heinz a few days after injuring his knee in a skiing accident.

My board loaded and ready to ride.

Goofy ski pass this year.

Dinner Prep

Using my Camelbak more and more these days.

Trouble: Ice cream with peanut butter and honey.

Heinz and his drum stick cone. (My favorite pic of the month.)

Our next adventure. Happy Birthday Heinz!

The place where I took photography classes this past month.


Iced coffee color block.

Heinz helping me finish my Tuesday Trifecta of weight lifting, snowboarding, and biking all in one day!

Happy Trekkin'!

Friday, March 6, 2015

{Snowbird, UT} Powder Dayz

After a few months of terribly warm weather, we finally received a substantial storm that gave us a few days of really amazing powder. Tuesday was super stormy but made for the best pillowy piles of snow and Wednesday was the beauty that resulted from a big storm. Blue skies and white capped mountains. Gorgeous! Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Happy Trekkin'!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{White Pine Backcountry} Birthday Shoots

It's been such a crazy winter in Utah, from the Spring like weather in February to some of the best powder we've had all season grace us with it's presence yesterday; this year's ski season has been bipolar at best. 

Last week Heinz & I took our ventures to the White Pine back country and made our way up a ridge that separates White Pine and Snowbird. We were really going for the exercise and not expecting to find any good snow to ski due to the unseasonably warm temps . At the top of the Birthday Shoots the snow was scratchy and I figured it would be survival skiing the whole way down. With a bit of luck on our side we found an awesome line of untouched powder in the tree's just off to the side of the Birthday Shoots that Heinz & I excitedly skied. With Heinz leading the way, all you could hear was the hoots and whoo-hoo's in the air from our excited mouths as we had lines of powder to ride. A unexpectedly awesome day.

The ridge that sperates Snowbird (left) and White Pine (right).

Looking down the Birthday Shoots.

White Pine Backcountry

Lunch spot.

Finishing up a fun day at the White Pine trailhead.

Happy Trekkin'!

Friday, February 27, 2015

{Arches N.P.} Devils Garden

Devils Garden was the first hike that I ever did when visiting Arches National Park many years ago with Heinz and some friends. It's one of the longer hike in Arches (7-8 miles taking the Primitive loop trail and depending on the side hikes) but there's really nothing too it. All of the trails are well marked and are in great condition. There are a couple spots where climbing on top of fins are required but don't let that deter you. It's a great hike with amazing views. The real fun comes from taking all the little side trips and wondering around on the fins. So much exploring to do, it feels endless.

Landscape Arch

Partition Arch

Navajo Arch, Shot by Heinz Grunendahl

Black Arch

Double O Arch

Dark Angel

Private Arch

Views from the Primitive trail.

A sweet view of some of the awesome landscape in Arches National Park.

Get outdoors and explore Utah.

Happy Trekkin'!

{Arches N.P.} Sand Dune Arch & Broken Arch

When you're driving around in Arches National Park it's easy to get side tracked because everywhere you turn is a new pull out for stunning overlooks and short walks to amazing arches. Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch are two very accessible and easy walks to get to and make for some quick sight seeing and a nice way to stretch the legs. 

Sand Dune Arch

Broken Arch

Get out and explore Utah.

Happy Trekkin'!