Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July Lights

A low key 4th of July - a little a hiking and firework watching. Hope you guys had a great holiday!

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Desolation Lake via Big Cottonwood Canyon

In my opinion, Desolation Lake is the perfect starter trail (or get in shape trail) for hiking, mountain biking, or trail running. With it's gradual ease and well maintained conditions, this trail will keep you excited about being active outside. 

H & I started at the Mill D North Fork trailhead located in Big Cottonwood Canyon and cruised along the trail surrounded by beautiful quaking aspen trees. At a mere 3.5 miles (7 miles round trip) you reach your destination at Desolation Lake. Right now there is plenty of snow left around the lake but it only affects about the last 1/4 mile or so - it's no sweat.

A semi frozen Desolation Lake

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.

Friday, April 25, 2014

{Mountain Biking} Pipeline Trail

Today was an awesome day of mountain biking in Millcreek Canyon. The Pipeline Trail is a no brain-er for anyone that is just getting into mountain biking and wants a great ride. I road my bike up the canyon road to Elbow's Fork where I planned to get on the trail. About 1/4 mile into it, the trail was just too muddy and a bit snowy for my abilities so I turned around and headed to the Burch Hollow trail head a few miles away. 
Once I got on the trail, there was nothing stopping me. I loved the freeing feeling on going fast down the single track, flying through tree covered trails, and being focused on the different obstacles that lied in my way. It was great. All in all a solid 15 miles of biking, not bad for the first day out on the trails.

Millcreek Canyon has so many trails to choose from, you will find something that works for every riding ability. 

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Exploring Utah} Tulip Festival


Today was one of those days where I wasn't sure what type of weather I was going to get, but I took my chances anyway and headed to Thanksgiving Point to check out the annual Tulip Festival. [I think I made the right decision.] Thanksgiving Point is a popular place for kids and families alike, with plenty of room to run around and so much to see, it's a great place to spend the afternoon. Check it out.

I had a lovely time strolling the grounds, racing some kids up the stairs, and taking endless photos of the beauty. There is something wonderful and therapeutic about colorful flower's that just brighten my day and make the world seem right. 

I hope your Spring is just as rejuvenating.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{Exploring Utah} Bonneville Salt Flats

Shot by Heinz Grunendahl

The Bonneville Salt Flats are an unusual piece of beauty, located in the northwestern part of Utah. With the white, dried up salt beds and the small desert mountains, you realize right away that this place is dying to be explored. H & I thought of so many different photo opportunities and different ways of really checking this place out while walking around. Since this was our first time to the salt flats, we really just stopped to scope it out, take a few shots, and get some ideas...

I hope life is treating you splendidly.

Until next time,
Happy Trekkin'.